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Make this your BEST OFF-SEASON EVER!

XO Clinics is very excited about this 2023 OFF-SEASON and ready to make it the BEST ONE EVER. As always the TRADITIONAL CLINICS, BREAKDOWNS, FILM VAULT, RPO LAB, and ARCHIVES will be available to all members. The addition of the OC SCHOOL and all the NEW 2023 Courses will get you and your TEAM READY to COMPETE at it's BEST in 2023.

"Double Moves"

Video of the Day

Every Membership Includes

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Game Planning


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Trench Warfare

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5 Years of Archives

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The "Perfect Marriage"

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QB Summit

Add Ons for 2023

Every Membership includes 2 ADD ONS.

Additional ADD ONS will be at a DISCOUNTED PRICE for MEMBERS.

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50 High % Screens

Using the SCREEN game effectively and efficiently can add an EXPLOSIVE dimension to your offense that you can rely on every week. Whether you use DOUBLE SCREENS, TUNNEL SCREENS, NOW SCREENS, PLAY-ACTION SCREENS, or TB SCREENS this course will give you so much to choose from. This course includes a PLAYBOOK ASSIGNMENT diagram and VIDEO.

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Using Play-Action Effectively

Using PLAY-ACTION EFFECTIVELY will fit any and all offenses. In this course we will discuss and BREAKDOWN several different run schemes (ZONE and GAP). After completing this course you can decide what is the BEST VALUE for your offense and philosophy. Effective PLAY-ACTION pass can be HIGH % and lead to EXPLOSIVE PLAYS for your TEAM. This course includes a PLAYBOOK ASSIGNMENT diagram and VIDEO.

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The Growth Formula

The GROWTH FORMULA book for coaches will give you some of the most important TRUTHS about coaching TODAY'S ATHLETE. The lessons learned in this book will provide you insight and guidance in everyday's CHALLENGE to get the BEST from your ATHLETES. This book is for any coach looking to DEMAND the BEST from their ATHLETES or TEAM.

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OC School: Season 2

The OC SCHOOL was one of our most popular courses from 2022. This course included guides on scheduling your week, building your call sheet, scripting plays, Red Zone game planning, and much more. The course also included handouts and templates for your OFFENSIVE GAME PLANNING STRATEGIES.

OC SCHOOL: SEASON 2 will be a 10-Week Course on MAXIMIZING your OFFENSE. Some of the course topics will include: USING TEMPO/CADENCE, QB RUN GAME, FIB (formation into the boundary), and much more.

How does XO Clinics work?

Throughout the OFF-SEASON XO Clinics will continue release material to its members. The ALL ACCESS MEMBERSHIP includes access to the entire site and archives. There are several new additional ADD ONS for 2023 at a discounted price for members.

Why do I pay for ADD ONS?

Every MEMBERSHIP will include your choice of 2 ADD ONS valued at $34.95 each or more. The additional ADD ONS will be sold individually at $34.95 each or more but will be at a discounted price for members.

The ALL ACCESS MEMBERSHIP price also includes all ARCHIVES (Since 2018) including The Perfect Marriage, Player Driven Leadership, 50 Days of RPO's, and much more.



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The OC School "The Foundation Course"

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